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New agent account information

An "agent" is an entity that acts on behalf of an employer (the agent's client) to handle the employer's Unemployment Insurance (UI) obligations.

Steps that must be taken for an agent to represent client employers for Minnesota Unemployment Insurance:

  1. Register for an agent account (only one Agent ID and account per agent)
  2. Provide your Agent ID to your client employers
  3. Client employers then:
    1. logs in to their Minnesota UI employer account,
    2. enters the Agent ID
    3. selects the level of access (roles) for the agent (See Agent Authorization and User Roles, for step-by-step instructions)

Refer to Agent Registration in the Agent Self-Service System User Guide for step-by-step instructions to register for an agent account.

If you are an agent and a Minnesota employer, you will have:

  • An agent account - that allows you to access your clients' Minnesota UI accounts and act on their behalf and;
  • A Minnesota UI employer account - that will allow you to access your own Minnesota UI account (not as an agent, but as an employer).

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