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What affects my benefits?

Not meeting weekly eligibility requirements

Understanding weekly eligibility requirements.

Working while collecting benefits

Explains how working affects benefits, what to report, and what happens if you fail to report that you are working.

Deductions from benefits

Information about income taxes and other withholdings being withheld from benefit payments.

Pending issues

Explains what causes a pending issue status to be placed on your account. 

Other income

Income that delays or reduces weekly benefits.


Self-employment may affect your eligibility for unemployment benefits.

Going to school

Lists the conditions when you may receive unemployment benefits while attending school.

Traveling outside your commuting area

Explains how your benefits will be affected if you take a trip.

Child support

Court-ordered child support information.

Business owners and relatives

Explains how being a business owner or a relative of a business owner may affect your benefits.

Payment errors and fraud

Benefit Overpayment, Auditing your Account, Unemployment Fraud

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