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Employer assigned agent access

Agent authorization and user roles

Employers must follow this procedure to give an agent access to all or parts of their online account information. They can assign 'View Only' or 'Update and Submit' access for each role, though only one agent can be assigned 'Update and Submit' access for a role.

To authorize an agent:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. On My Home Page, click Account Maintenance.
  3. Click Agent Authorization.
  4. Click Search to determine if an agent has already been assigned to this account. If an agent is not found, click New to start the authorization process.
  5. On the Assign Agent page, enter the Agent ID of the agent you are authorizing, and then click Next.

    NOTE: Agents receive an Agent ID when they register as an agent with the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program.
  1. Review the information on the Agent Details page.

    • To begin access at a later date, enter the date in the Beginning Start Date field.
    • To assign access only until a certain date, enter a date in the Effective End Date field (the date cannot be earlier than the current date).
    • To assign access indefinitely, leave the Effective End Date field blank.

  2. In the Available Roles section, select the user roles for the agent.

    • View Only: The agent can only view information.
    • Update and Submit: The agent can submit information on your behalf.

  3. Click Save.
  4. Assign the Employer Reporting Units for each role:

    1. Click Assign Employer Reporting Units for the role.
    2. Select the Employer Reporting Units:
      • Assign All Employer Reporting Units: The agent has access to all of your current and future reporting units. If your employer account has just one reporting unit, choose this option.
      • Individual Reporting Unit Authorization: The agent has access only to the Employer Reporting Units that you select.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Click Previous and repeat this step for each role.

For more information about agents, see the Agent Information page.

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