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Reemployment assistance

Reemployment assistance training programs are available for those who need training to be reemployed. The programs are intended to help workers who are unemployed due to: outdated skills, an occupation in decline, competition from foreign imports, or an inability to work in their usual occupation. A dislocated worker counselor or a reemployment assistance representative at your nearest CareerForce location may recommend a training program to you, or you may already know the training you need to become reemployed.

A reemployment assistance representative or dislocated worker counselor will consider a number of factors when determining if a training program is the best approach for you to obtain suitable employment in the least amount of time. Factors that will be considered include:

  • Your current skills, physical capabilities, work experience, level of education and past training
  • Your prospects for obtaining suitable employment given your current skills compared to your employability following the training
  • Description of the training program (academic/vocational nature of the training, curriculum, length, etc.)
  • Current labor market conditions
  • Work opportunities projected to be available at the time the training will be completed

Unemployment benefits while attending reemployment assistance training

If you are accepted into a full-time reemployment assistance training program, you are not required to seek or accept work while you are attending school. Attending classes and making satisfactory progress make you eligible for unemployment benefits. When you finish, you must immediately begin seeking work.

If you are going to school part-time, or your full-time schooling is not accepted as reemployment assistance training, you are eligible for unemployment benefits only if you are available for and actively seeking suitable employment (full-time work if your benefits are based on full-time work). If your class schedule conflicts with the normal days or hours of work in your occupation, you must be willing to rearrange or quit classes if you are offered suitable work.

How to inform the Unemployment Insurance Program that you are in school

If you are registered or attending school at the time you apply for unemployment benefits, answer "Yes" to the question in the, "Are you attending school now?"

If you register for school after you applied for unemployment benefits, the next time you request your weekly benefits answer "No" to the question, "Were you able, available and actively seeking full time work?"

You will be provided a questionnaire or talk to a representative so you can inform the unemployment office about your schooling. If it is determined to be full-time reemployment assistance training, you will be informed that you do not have to seek work. Each week when you request benefits, you will be asked, "Did you make satisfactory progress in training?" instead of the questions about seeking work and being available for work.

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