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Tips to avoid locking your account

We are concerned about keeping your private information secure. For this reason it is important to remember your password and keep it private.

If an incorrect password is entered multiple times your account will be locked. This is to protect your account from unauthorized access. For information on how to unlock your account refer to Password Resets and Account Lockouts.

You can use your password to access your account both online and by phone. However, when switching from phone to online, or online to phone, here are some tips to avoid locking your account.

How to enter your password to avoid locking your account…

by phone using a password created online.

Enter letters in your password by pressing the corresponding number on a standard telephone keypad.

Example: If the password you created online is KQZ123, you would enter 579123 on the telephone keypad.

online using a password created by phone.

Enter the numbers (not letters) you pressed on the telephone keypad as your password.

Example: If the password you created on the telephone spells out WINTER, enter 946837 to log in online.


Using a mobile device to access your account

The automated phone system requires the use of a touch-tone phone. Some mobile devices do not transmit touch tones. If you are using a mobile device that does not use touch tone, the automated phone system may not recognize the numbers and letters you are entering. This can cause the automated phone system to not recognize your password and lock you out of your account. If you experience problems, we suggest you use a touch-tone telephone with a standard keypad or computer to access your account.

Standard telephone keypad

Standard Telephone Keypad

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