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Update job skills

If you improved your computer or other work skills, would employers be more interested in hiring you?

These websites can help you:

  • Learn computer and other work skills
  • Explore careers
  • Learn the latest job search tips, and more!

The goal is for you to gain skills and confidence to find your next job!

The table below lists some of the help and information you can find on each website. Take time to explore what each one can offer you!

Topics Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM)
Northstar Digital Literacy
Learn basic computer skills
(using a mouse, email basics, typing tutorial, internet basics)
x x x
Learn Microsoft Office
(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
x x  
Learn English, grammar, and reading skills   x  
Learn math skills   x  
Learn workplace skills   x  
Money management   x  
Research jobs and careers x    
Job search help
(resume writing, interviewing, cover letters, networking, job applications)
x x

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