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About Unemployment Insurance

The Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program provides a temporary partial wage replacement to those Minnesota workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own. It is an economic stabilizer/stimulator in times of economic downturn and helps maintain an available skilled workforce for employers. The Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) supervises and administers the UI program.


Enhance workforce development and economic strength of Minnesota by providing unemployment insurance for individuals and employers.


  • We make the Unemployment Insurance Program work for Minnesota.
  • We are a leader in providing quality services.
  • Employees and stakeholders work together in developing service delivery strategies.
  • We empower customers by providing access to services and information via multiple means.
  • We succeed via:
    • Enhancing UI staff skill attainment;
    • Increasing job responsibility and authority;
    • Ensuring program and system integrity; and
    • Using technology to be accessible, responsive and efficient.



  • We adapt processes to respond to customer needs.


  • We treat customers with respect and dignity.
  • We value the diverse qualities each of us brings to the business.
  • We invest in professional development by providing opportunities for learning and skill development.
  • We all take an integral role in changing and developing the business environment.


  • We follow through on commitment.
  • We value accuracy and completeness.
  • We value timeliness and responsiveness to customer needs.


  • We provide services in a consistent, uniform and fair manner, in good economic times and in bad.


  • We strive for accuracy, efficiency, timeliness and objectivity in delivering services to customers.
  • We innovate in the use of options and resources.


  • We leverage resources to maximize value in service.
  • We are diligent stewards of the public trust.


  • We protect the subjects' data privacy rights and the data with which we are entrusted.
  • We ensure that the quality of data will be maintained.


  • We have the personal courage and ethical strength to act with integrity.


The Unemployment Insurance Program's Annual Program Summary serves as DEED's mandated annual program progress report and is updated yearly for a new legislative session.

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